Fifty Shades of Greyscale

As 2012 spins into the next exciting year, time to look back and look forward.
In true cyclical fashion I find myself literally back at the drawing board where I faithfully promised I would conjure up a graphic novel this time last year.
As followers of this blog know, I spent a good deal of the first half of the year engaged in study through various books, websites and the timely tutelage of Andy Fish over at Emerson College. Ah, the wonders of the digital age.
Then I got temporarily waylaid by my other creative calling…
Captain Blood
I was acting in two outstanding productions: ‘Mack and Mabel‘ at Southwark Playhouse and ‘The Dark at the Top of the Stairs‘ at The Belgrade Theatre, Coventry.
Now that the dust has settled after satisfying my performing urges, I find myself on an obsessive quest to get my graphic opus underway again. I had a lot of fun revising the skills I’d been honing. I got myself Freddie E.Williams Master Comic template, so that I can format my pages into comic publishing mode.
I must also mention two incredible books which have become my bibles for gesture drawing…’Drawn to Life‘ by Walt Stanchfield volumes 1 and 2. They are an absolute treasure trove of master classes by Mr Stanchfield, who was one of Disney’s top animators. Not only is his instruction engaging but his philosophical insights throughout the books make profound reading in themselves. He talks about creative character drawing as being akin to acting (which obviously appeals to me) and says that when a creative idea is expressed it leads to happiness and unexpressed leads to depression, or words to that effect.
So with that in mind, I am back on track with my project. I completed the full script two weeks ago and have been doing thumbnail layouts for the whole book since then. My plan is to have completed the book by May 2013, no matter what. I have grand plans, which shall be revealed in the fullness of time.
It’s not all work and no play however. Today I had the immense pleasure of catching up with Lizzie Patrick, our company manager on ‘Mack and Mabel’ at Patisserie Valerie… one of my favourite cafes in the whole world. And I then had the treat of seeing my good friend Stewart Permutt‘s new play ‘The Unsaintly Mrs Silverman’ at The Jermyn Street Theatre with a stellar cast headed by Sara Kestelman and David Schofield. The response was terrific and Stewart, as ever, came up with intriguing believable characters and hilarity amidst the tragedy.
This will be my last blog of 2012, so I wish you all a fantastic Christmas and a truly exciting adventurous 2013… On that note, I’m off to watch my latest treat from Amazon… ‘Captain Blood‘ starring Errol Flynn. Research for my book of course but honestly… they really don’t make them like that anymore!

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Jessica Martin is a multi-talented performer whose career has taken her from comedy impressionist to musical theatre leading lady and scriptwriter.
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