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Thank you all for your patience as the lady graphic novelist emerges after almost two months, holed up like some anchorite lost in spiritual rapture. Well not quite… although drawing intensively does take on a meditative quality after a while. And I think it is rather more pleasurable than self flagellation. If you think the tone of today’s blog feels somewhat antiquated (where has the punchy journalist run to?), that is because I have decided to embrace my true self.
What is more, my true, precise, old fashioned persona is not alone.
Starlet by Jessica Martin
She has found her moods and opinions reflected in a fab little magazine called ‘The Chap‘. It celebrates in humorous fashion the days when men wore tweeds, smoked pipes and were gents or cads. Where oh where is there a periodical called ‘The Chapette‘? Perhaps I’ll have to start one myself.
Maybe that will also stop the ridiculous influx of pointless, self serving comment links I’ve had from dubious pedlars of everything from Viagra to drains. From now on I will only let those advertising life enhancing items go near this site… eg. exquisite artist materials or beautiful books.
Speaking of art materials, I promised to mention the amazing Photoshop inking brushes I downloaded from Ray Frenden‘s site. I have tried them out and they are the real deal. Although I will continue to use traditional tools, namely my mechanical Staedtler pencil and Pentel Ink brush for my Inks, the photoshop brushes are great for correcting, re-drawing panels digitally.
Progress is good. I am now about half way through my projected page count for the book. The title of this blog is ‘Golden Age Inking’… Inspired by the phrase ‘Golden Age Thinking’ which Woody Allen coined in his delightful film ‘Midnight in Paris‘. Owen Wilson‘s character is obsessed with the Golden Age of the American cultural exile in Paris… your F Scott Fitzgeralds, Cole Porters, Josephine Bakers etc., to which the sneery Michael Sheen retorts that he (Wilson) is a Golden Age Thinker, sadly clinging to the past because he is in denial of what is. I think we know who the goody is in this movie. Hoorah for the Anti Modernists!
What a shame ‘The Great Gatsby‘ hasn’t been a slam dunk hit movie. I haven’t seen it yet but I love the poster.
I haven’t left much room to share this week’s exploits but here’s the run down on highlights.
First off, had a wonderful afternoon on the Orient Express for a family birthday. It was true luxury and I half expected to squeeze past Hercule Poirot in the Art Deco gangway. Also had a charming Art Deco evening at Cafe Zedel, where I enjoyed actress Anne Reid‘s delightful cabaret to a packed house of adoring fans.
Had some fun adventures at The Cartoon Museum visiting the Ralph Steadman exhibition. I am very excited about seeing the forthcoming ‘Age of Glamour’ exhibition with R.S Sheriffs‘ caricatures of showbusiness personalities.
I met up with writer Robert Ross who’s been a Twitter chum, have lots of common interests eg. Old films, classic British comedy. He’s a prolific writer of showbusiness biographies.
Another good writer friend of mine, Diane Samuels and I went to see an amazing contemporary ballet ‘Witch Hunt‘ at Covent Garden.
This week I shall be attending as many events at the ‘BD & Comics Passion‘ festival as I can. I am definitely going to the Jaime Hernandez talk on his ‘Love and Rockets‘ on Thursday.
Meanwhile it’s back to school with my mentor Andy Fish at Emerson College for his graphic novel production course.
Will report back after further adventures.
Cheery bye for now.

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Jessica Martin is a multi-talented performer whose career has taken her from comedy impressionist to musical theatre leading lady and scriptwriter.
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