I’ve just about drawn breath after a fortnight of wonderful comic book happenings.
Two weeks ago I had the repeat pleasure of sharing the glory of Mark Buckingham‘s table at the London SuperComic Con. From the moment the doors opened there was a queue that almost blocked the light around our pitch. Devotees of “Fables” and Mark’s artwork were demanding commissions as fast as he could draw them and then some.
Jonathan Ross with Jessica and 'It Girl'
On the other side to me was renowned Italian comic artist Marco Santucci together with his apprentice/girlfriend Maria Laura Sanapo.
Despite feeling a bit out of place in this primarily super hero environment, the customers soon came. The lovely thing was that, like Thought Bubble, they were attracted to the cover and the silent movie theme of the work. I sold quite a few prints as well which you can have a shufti at over on my Emporium.
The atmosphere was convivial and it was great to see how many friends I’ve made on the comic scene in the space of a year. First visit was from my lovely friend Rob from Time Trek Bromley who gave me a vintage Movie House biscuit tin in honour of my Elsie work. Steve White from Titan also popped over to say hi. He’d been looking at my portfolio just one short year ago! Nora Goldberg from Soaring Penguin also stopped by… a great girl to whom I owe a lot for boosting my comic sales at Foyles on the Southbank. Terry Wiley took a pitstop between selling his wonderful “Verity Fair” with his portable trolley shop! Jason Wilson, one of the most amazing new graphic novelists together with my playwright friend Mike Yale also visited. I went over to the Myriad stall when I got a break and had a lengthy chat with Corinne Pearlman who remarked that I’d been doing a really good job of self promotion with my first comic!
New friends were made too, including the tremendously talented Ian Edginton, David Roach and Mike Collins.
Not one to miss a photo opportunity, I managed to meet with Jonathan Ross who did remember me despite the fact I had short spiky blonde hair however many years ago we met!
Whilst at the SuperComic Con, I was interviewed for the Panel Borders radio show by aficionado Alex Fitch. You can listen to the full interview at Panel Borders.
Monday night after the con was a more ‘indie’ affair with my talk at Foyles for Laydeez Do Comics. I had all my slides ready to prompt me with my whistlestop account of my journey in comics from school to the present day. Again it felt good to be supported by friends and family. Despite my experience as an actress, giving a ‘lecture’ is still a nerve wracking experience.
I must have done something right however because shortly after that I was invited by Steve Walsh at Gosh Comics to be their guest at the Process evening in May. And I was pleasantly surprised to see that they’d swung their Spotlight on me for their British Comics Month website. What an honour!
And so the excitement continued into this week with a trip to Lord Puttnam‘s free talk at International Student House on Wednesday. Lord Puttnam was of course given a copy of “It Girl” which he accepted graciously… he is a huge fan of Clara Bow.
The evening of pleasantries concluded with a quick visit to Comica Social Club where I bumped into Nora Goldberg again, Mark Stafford, Stephen Harris, Richard Hayes and had a fascinating talk with the host Peter Stanbury… a stalwart of the small press comics world and an extremely knowledgable and interesting man.
Meanwhile I am currently engaged in a last minute illustration assignment for a very exciting project. More about that next time. Adios!!

About Jessica

Jessica Martin is a multi-talented performer whose career has taken her from comedy impressionist to musical theatre leading lady and scriptwriter.
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2 Responses to Comicmania

  1. Craig Larson says:


    I recently attended a Doctor Who con here in the Twin Cities. We all watched a live Mystery Science Theater 3000-style “riffing” version of “The Greatest Show in the Galaxy”. I was interested to see what some of the actors from that era are doing now and was pleasantly surprised to find you actively involved in many facets – including the comic book world. Clara Bow is a great subject matter. When I saw the picture of your book, it reminded me of a computer game I played in the early ’90s (link here:'s_Bequest) and I remember the main character’s name definitely had the last name Bow.. which I found out to be Laura Bow in its completion.. supposedly, many of the characters in that game were based on the names of actors and other people from the 1920s.. well, the Doctor Who story that you were in might’ve raised a few eyebrows (and still does.. ha ha!) but I thought you were great in it! Keep up on the music as well! I’m a musician too.. thank you for your contribution to the arts!

  2. Jessica says:

    Hi Craig
    just saw your comment here! thank you so much for expressing your appreciation of Doctor Who and of my current comic book work here. just finished a run of “Elf’ the musical over Christmas and now getting back to my own projects. hope you visit the site again!

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