Lunch with Ruthie

A beautiful morning and time to catch up with my blog. Even when I think nothing exciting has been going on, I’m always stirring the proverbial pot. Had a nice meet up with showbiz chum Ruthie Henshall on her lunch break from rehearsals for ‘Blithe Spirit‘ which is coming to the West End next year.
Ruthie Henshall
She was very complimentary about Sunset Bitch which she came to see. She and I became friends on Marguerite and although work commitments prevent a continuum on our meet ups, it’s always a pleasure to see her. I also caught up with my md Leon Charles to rehearse some more cabaret material for The Savoy. He’s busy opening Songs From A Hotel Bedroom at Watford Palace Theatre. He and I are hoping to compose some songs of our own…watch this space! My voice over ‘self’ was asked to do a Lynda Bellingham for a new product pitch. For whatever reason, Ms. Bellingham was not required for the job so I put my sultriest, smokiest, mumsiest vocal attire on and will be going into the booth next week. Meanwhile my natural voice continues to do the job for Bold 2-In-1. Not a bad career for one with a low boredom threshold. Another brief last show of respect to comic genius Norman Wisdom who died recently. What a unique, amazing performer who will rank up there with our Dan Lenos, Charlie Chaplins and Peter Sellers. I found out that Vera Lynn had given him his big break by swapping places with him on the bill. Such a small gesture of kindness in her opinion but life-changing for him. Who says there’s no such thing as luck? Back soon.

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Jessica Martin is a multi-talented performer whose career has taken her from comedy impressionist to musical theatre leading lady and scriptwriter.
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