Last week of All I Want For Christmas

Hello readers,
Thank you for all the kind feedback I am starting to receive from various places out there in E-World. Well I thought November was short but December is just a flirt of a month… it flashes by in a silent movie style flicker of mad shopping, card writing and social catch ups.
Coronation Street Album
Off to my voice over agent Calypso‘s Christmas drinkies tonight after dashing to a Coronation Street Album celebration at Trisha Ward‘s on Sunday. We saw clips of Kym Marsh‘s appearance on the Paul O’Grady show last week singing ‘He’s My Man‘. The album is doing good business and if you want to purchase it, please note it is exclusive to Tesco.
I enjoyed very much catching up with my old chum Danny John-Jules ( yes, the guy from cult series ‘Red Dwarf‘). He has two adorable children and a gorgeous wife who were also at the party and he was telling me of his plans to mount a very contemporary staging of Hamlet which will be amazing when it happens.
I also caught up with another talented friend Lincoln Stone who is currently appearing in ‘Legally Blonde‘. He came to see our show in Jermyn Street which he thought was a hoot. He and I were the cover Marguerite and Armand in ‘Marguerite‘ which Andrew C Wadsworth was also in, so the connection has carried on with Andrew and I now both in AIWFC. It is our last week in a show which has proved to be very popular. We made the front cover of West End Extra last week and the audiences have certainly grown but not groaned, thank goodness. I have recovered from my corpsing incident last week. In my ‘mature’ years I seem to be falling prey to this theatrical malady more than I like to admit. I used to pride myself on having the immoveability of Morticia Addams when it comes to keeping a straight face. Pride comes before a fall so they say.
Right, I must away to a smaller scale theatre production…my daughter’s Christmas play. The backstage dramas are all there in microcosm. Till next watch this space. I might have some exciting news soon.

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Jessica Martin is a multi-talented performer whose career has taken her from comedy impressionist to musical theatre leading lady and scriptwriter.
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