Approaching the gates of ‘Spamalot’

I have been prompted by the Keeper of the Web to update my blog as we are now eight days into the year of Our Lord 2011.
Although the passage of time has evaporated in the haze of Christmas gatherings, decorations no sooner up then down and the mind numbing compilations of tv highlights, low lights and quite frankly no right to be on screen lights… there have been some events worthy of noting in my techno scribe record.
First off is my jaunt to Birmingham shortly after Christmas to see Spamalot ( a warm up to my forthcoming engagement). I went with the show’s director Chris Luscombe who wanted to make sure ‘I didn’t hate it’. He was being either unduly modest or overly anxious because as the curtain went up before a theatre packed to the rafters, I just knew I was in for a rollercoaster of fun. The humour, the music and sheer brilliance of the cast left me reeling. ‘I only hope I’m up to it’ I said to Chris…
Not only is he a marvellous director but popular too. The cast had asked him to be Santa for their post Christmas Secret Santa party. He sportingly donned the full red outfit and beard to dole out the gifts which were mostly of a joke phallic nature. Maybe there’s an old pagan link between winter Solstice and fertility…whatever…joke willies will always raise a laugh no matter how our civilisation advances!
I met the cast who are all as lovely as they are talented. It was great to catch up with Matthew Kelly with whom I’ve shared the stage and telly screen on many an occasion. He and I are going to be doing the Southend week together and then I’ll be swapping my allegiance to Phill Jupitus‘ King Arthur.
This last week I had a costume fitting at the ATG offices. I last worked for ATG and Bill Kenwright when I was in town with ‘Sunset Boulevard‘ and received a warm welcome when I stepped through the doors of their very plush offices. They have an incredible roster of shows on in the West End and on tour. My costume fitting went well, the ‘Lady‘ gets to wear some glamorous gowns and miraculously they all fit. The wig lady came to join us and turned out to be a blast from the past, Linda, who’d done my wigs on The Card and Mack and Mabel. There was something very reassuring about seeing someone who’s been around most of my career.
And so here I find myself about to sing along to some backing tracks for my songs before rehearsals start next week. Can’t believe it’s happened so quickly. I’m looking forward to the coming months of silly, larky fun…just like back in the day with ‘Me And My Girl‘.
Godspeed fellow pilgrims wherever you are.
And a very happy new year!

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Jessica Martin is a multi-talented performer whose career has taken her from comedy impressionist to musical theatre leading lady and scriptwriter.
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