Dr Who and the Girl Who Drew Too Much

Greetings readers,
Forgot to mention in my last blog that I had the great pleasure of reconnecting with some intergalactic chums at a special recording for the forthcoming release of ‘The Greatest Show in the Galaxy‘. For that classic storyline I had to don a clinging Goth outfit, Vulpine hairdo, yellow contact lenses and dribbling fangs for a ‘duck behind the sofa‘ performance as Mags the strange alien Werewolf girl. Thankfully I didn’t need to wear all that to record my reminisences for the audio commentary.
Mags from Doctor Who
How lovely it was to catch up with Stephen Wyatt, the writer of that story, as colourful as a full deck of Tarot cards with characters like hippy Bellboy, nerdy Whizzkid, The Captain (played by the late great and always entertaining T.P. McKenna…)
Sophie Aldred (who still looks youthful and sounds like a teenager), Chris Guard (another Peter Pan and I’m delighted to hear he’s still cool enough to have a band), Mark Ayres our provider of Music of the Spheres and Andrew Cartmel the script editor were all there to invoke the memory of that fantastic summer.
We recalled the ‘brinkmanship’ week when an asbestos scare at Elstree studio meant that the recording was nearly cancelled till John Nathan Turner had the bright idea of setting up a real circus tent in the car park.
Chris Guard’s powers of recall were incredible… he’d been the clever one who’d actually kept a journal during the filming.
Speaking of journals, I have been sketching a graphic journal on and off for the past year. I read a brilliant book ‘The Creative License‘ by Danny Gregory which set me off rediscovering the pleasures of drawing which I did all the time as a youngster. I will be uploading a few doodles fairly soon and have it in mind to perhaps formulate a graphic novelette (novel feels far too ambitious). Watch this space… it won’t be blank for long!
More news soon. Am missing my Spamalot chums who are in the land of my foremothers this week… playing Belfast.
Never mind. That’s the nature of my biz. Time to fill the well as they say.

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