Actress …Act/Rest geddit?
Well to be fair, it may be quiet on the work front but I don’t seem to have had much time at all lately. And yes, social calendar has been chocker.
So, the highlights included a wonderful afternoon amongst friends at ‘Mexican Hayride‘ …one of this season’s Lost Musicals hosted by the ever eccentric Ian Marshall Fisher.
Laughs in the Park
I caught up with Sara Kestelman, Harry Landis and Thelma Ruby in the audience with me. I was entertained by my good friend Stewart Permutt who packed in about six cameos with the riotous Michael Roberts playing the comedy lead. Mike and I worked on ‘A Saint She Ain’t‘ and he provided about fifty characters for my radio special ‘Cybill Liberty’. I’m happy to hear he is back in ‘The Mousetrap‘ for another run. The wonderful Louise Gold led the ladies and there was a fabulous comedy soprano, Wendy Ferguson, who raised the roof. I must also mention the talented Jonathan Hansler whose award winning ‘Teak Show‘ I am hoping to see soon.
Last Friday I went to ‘Laughs In The Park‘ at St Albans headlined by Eddie Izzard …don’t know whether he felt the Roman connection might enhance his Latin based humour. It was rather glamorous however to think that our ‘homegrown’ comedy legend had honoured his engagement in parochial Hertfordshire after dates at the Hollywood Bowl (and I don’t think he meant the one by the Vue Cinema). Ross Noble compered in his ad hoc hilarious way but the star of the evening for my money was Tommy Tiernan. He is the consummate stand up now with a fantastic theatricality that underpinned his storytelling with finesse and a fair dose of vulnerability too. I can’t remember jokes so if you want to know what it was like I suggest you go see the guy work.
Yesterday I rehearsed at Richard Kates house for his forthcoming album which will also include Claire Sweeney, Lisa Maxwell, Bonnie Langford and Claire Moore singing his songs. As I came in Su Pollard was upstairs so I shouted ‘Hiya doll!’ in my best Su voice which she gamely responded to with ‘Flippin heck..sounds just like me!’
It was so lovely to catch up with Richard who at long last has written this follow up to ‘Among Friends‘. Andy Spiller is once again producer and arranger and we all gave ourselves a good fright adding up the number of years it had been since we last worked together!
We had a good rehearsal for ‘Always In Your Shadow‘ which will be posted up on YouTube shortly.
And last but by no means least because I have literally worked like a demon on this …my third ‘Wishful Inking’ comic strip is on view now. For any graphic novel geeks out there, I will explain the process and for others you can sign off now!
Yes, fellow tooners, I have been following all the guidelines. Purchased a lightbox and Ames lettering wheel from the London Graphic Centre. The lettering wheel I used to delineate lots of parallel lines for my letter spacing as I think my last strip looked like it had been lettered by a tiny insect! I did lots of tracing sketches using my lightbox so that I could really tighten up the drawing before committing it to ink on my Bristol board.
The strip is loosely based on real life events, as you may or may not have surmised. Anyway have a peek and I welcome any feedback.
Special thanks to my guidance from Jessica Abel and Matt Madden‘s ‘Drawing Words and Writing Pictures‘.

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Jessica Martin is a multi-talented performer whose career has taken her from comedy impressionist to musical theatre leading lady and scriptwriter.
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