Down Time Abbey

Sorry for that really crass pun but as the phrase might suggest I am in the ‘dreamtime’ of my life which every artist must have. An Abbey signifies a holy place of retreat. A time for withdrawal from the outside world to visit the inner world of creative source… the underworld of Pluto, mining the dark spaces for inspiration.
These are the grand things we tell ourselves in the hope that all this sluggish mundanity will serve some greater purpose in the end.
So my twenty minutes of wasted time spent in vain trying to make a payment online from my bank has maybe just been a poetic metaphor for the simple truth that some days you win, some days you should hide under the duvet or in my case, switch your focus to doing a long overdue blog.
I went to fill the creative well last week by investing in a four day seminar with the king of screenwriting tutorials Mr Robert McKee. This ‘angry’ senior citizen lashed our dull brains with insights of protagonist v antagonist, dramatic irony, symbolism, the nemesis of cliche until we came out the third day feeling as if we’d done ten rounds with some demagogic drill sergeant. But like all good films we struck a positive note on the last day after analysing the screen classic ‘Casablanca‘…the Holy Grail of scriptwriting. We went on our way feeling that even if we could never reach greatness we’d chosen a mountain worth climbing.
I’ve started climbing my own little graphic novel mountain by completing the first five pages. Not a lot I grant you but a comic page is an intense combination of graphic and literary storytelling. I aim to do five a week at least and I won’t be posting any of my work up here whilst its in gestation. My thanks to Burne Hogarth’s ‘Dynamic Light and Shade’ for his divine chiaroscuro inspiration and my website editor Bob who is giving expert pictorial advice as I go. I’ll be getting some top draw inspiration soon… booking tickets for the Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition after this post.
After all these hundreds of years the master maintains a class of cool that keeps drawing the crowds.

About Jessica

Jessica Martin is a multi-talented performer whose career has taken her from comedy impressionist to musical theatre leading lady and scriptwriter.
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