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I will in the course of this article be talking about ‘bogs’ so the easily offended can slip away now. I am grounded at home, the kitchen drain is gurgling up sewage and so I have empty time to rant on my blog. The whole week has been a catalogue of hold ups…the perfect dramatic arc of conflict upon conflict but sadly not interesting enough to spin a Hollywood movie out of.
My trials with a malfunctioning scanner cannot compare with Jodie Foster defending her life and family when she gets locked in her over sophisticated cellar (yes.. “Panic Room” ..the writers came up with ‘Pantry Room’ first but it didn’t have the edge).
Panic Room
Not all gloom and doom. The weekend was spent in delightful promenading along the South Bank where there’s a fab Christmas market. There were all sorts of crafted goodies, hand made leather journals ( I have no house room for any more sadly), jewellery, the ubiquitous oil paintings of Spanish dancers and London Buses ( no thanks) and incredible food. I highly recommend the popcorn shrimp and chilli mayonnaise.
We also meandered up to Covent Garden. My sister begged us to go into Pollocks Toy Theatre Shop. She used to have a dolls house which was the set for a long running soap opera when we were kids. Even now she and I were enthralled by all the puppets and cardboard theatre displays in there. My daughter bought herself a cut out Punch and Judy show which she put on for me yesterday….complete with improvised Victorian style script..Delightful.
I’m off now to complete other chores that only get done when you’re waiting for a plumber to arrive…and to experiment with my new toy – Adobe Illustrator. It’s a digital graphics tool that will refine my graphic novel work.
More to come!

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Jessica Martin is a multi-talented performer whose career has taken her from comedy impressionist to musical theatre leading lady and scriptwriter.
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