The Year of Living Graphically

As promised, I am keeping a log of my journey into creating my graphic novel. I followed Andy Fish’s very good advice on his “Fish Wrap” website to make a schedule in a desk calendar. So far so good… I even bought the desk calendar before Christmas. I marked in it the pages to be pencilled and inked at various stages. But as they say… ’Make a plan and God laughs’. Have I kept to my schedule? Have I heck. I am in the process of learning by doing. This week’s ‘stalling’ issue was my adventure with the manga comic software which, I am very happy to say, is totally user friendly now.
The Artist
You can see the fruits of my first labours with it in my latest episode of ‘Wishful Inking’.
I have taken time out from my art room or ‘dream’ room, as I like to call it, to see two great movies this week. ‘War Horse’ ticked all my boxes for tear-jerking epic adventure and glorious sweeping camera shots that had that picture book look of the classic movie era. But my biggest treat was seeing ‘The Artist’… the new silent movie that everyone is raving about. I have been an old movie fan since I was a child, so I didn’t share the action film generation’s surprise that a silent movie could be so engaging and thoroughly affecting instead of ‘effecting’. The film is a poem, a distillation of all the old movie cliches that we recognise from “A Star Is Born’, ‘Singing in the Rain’, ’42nd Street’, ‘Sunset Boulevard’ and the two leading actors had all the charm and expressive agility of the old time greats. Jean Dujardin who played the fading silent star George Valentin was magnificent… Gene Kelly twinkle and John Barrymore tragedy all there at once. At last we can see the actors telling a story instead of getting swamped in a sea of car chases, global disasters and unintelligible dialogue. And the other delight was that the cinema was packed. Go see it and let the film speak for itself!

About Jessica

Jessica Martin is a multi-talented performer whose career has taken her from comedy impressionist to musical theatre leading lady and scriptwriter.
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  1. Andy Fish says:

    Way to go Jessica! Let’s get those pages going. Looking forward to your progress.

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