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If you do not have a barcode reader application installed on your mobile handset, you can download one for your Nokia Symbian handset here, or there are other barcode reader apps available in the various app stores for other devices.

Please be aware that, unless you have an unlimited data plan on your mobile contract or you are using a WiFi broadband connection from your mobile handset, your mobile network provider will charge you for data downloads.

Images, Audio and Movies can be very data heavy and may therefore be expensive (and possibly slow) to download onto your mobile handset.

The MP3 and MP4 audio and movie playback should work on most advanced smartphones. If you are having a problem with the media playback on your mobile handset, please do let us know the manufacturer and type of mobile device you are using and the nature of the problem by emailing Webmaster. This will allow us to try to address the issue for that specific mobile device.

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