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Now and then, Voyager

“The untold want, by life and land ne’er granted. Now, voyager, sail thou forth, to seek and find.” Walt Whitman What has this poem to do with anything? Everything actually. I watched the classic movie “Now, Voyager” the other day. … Continue reading

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Sister Pledge. The start of a new adventure in crowdfunding!

I have returned to my website blog after an embarrassingly long radio silence, mainly due to so much happening, I haven’t had time to process it! The start of 2017 brought with it an exciting new prospect. I was invited … Continue reading

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‘Last of the Colophon’ release

Another recent ‘happening’ was the release of Big Finish‘s Doctor Who audio drama ‘The Last of the Colophon‘ which I recorded over a year ago but had to keep schtum about. That was very tough, as I was itching to … Continue reading

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I’ve just about drawn breath after a fortnight of wonderful comic book happenings. Two weeks ago I had the repeat pleasure of sharing the glory of Mark Buckingham‘s table at the London SuperComic Con. From the moment the doors opened … Continue reading

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Guardian Masterclass and publishing debut.

I am writing this blog in the cafe at Waterstones Piccadilly… That beautiful book emporium. So I’m feeling slightly humbled as I see the names of great literary geniuses emblazoned everywhere. Am almost frozen with blog block… But not quite. … Continue reading

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Comic Cons, Role Models and Mentors

One of these days I’ll begin my blog without an apology for the lapse of time since the last one. I hope regular followers of this are still with me. The only reason for the long gap is the amount … Continue reading

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Dr Who and the Girl Who Drew Too Much

Greetings readers, Forgot to mention in my last blog that I had the great pleasure of reconnecting with some intergalactic chums at a special recording for the forthcoming release of ‘The Greatest Show in the Galaxy‘. For that classic storyline … Continue reading

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The Big Sleep… Eastbourne

Hello… looks like my blogging is becoming a fortnightly affair now that I’m sharing my Lady of the Lake duties with Jodie. This week’s blog finds me in a Costa near my home (the card points really sucker you in) … Continue reading

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First rehearsals

Can’t quite believe I’ve done my initial ‘blocking’ rehearsals for Spamalot already. Monday found me at our London based rehearsal space… a very contemporary all white room with impractical white sofas and the feeling that any moment you’d see Captain … Continue reading

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