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Postcards from the Edge

Not just a cheap ploy to get Carrie Fisher fans onto my site… I speak literally… the edge being the beautiful East Sussex coast where we spent a few days of the half term holiday. We managed to secure the … Continue reading

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Dr Who and the Girl Who Drew Too Much

Greetings readers, Forgot to mention in my last blog that I had the great pleasure of reconnecting with some intergalactic chums at a special recording for the forthcoming release of ‘The Greatest Show in the Galaxy‘. For that classic storyline … Continue reading

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I promise this is the last of lame puns on ‘Spamalot‘. I woke up in Kansas on Sunday morning wondering if the last three months were just a wild, crazy dream. The different towns, theatres, audiences, the company are all … Continue reading

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Homewards from Camelot

Morning all, I’ve obviously been having too much fun or else nothing has occurred at all to explain the lack of blogging that’s gone on recently. Anyway enough with the excuses (writing seems to bring out some regressive school student … Continue reading

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The Big Sleep… Eastbourne

Hello… looks like my blogging is becoming a fortnightly affair now that I’m sharing my Lady of the Lake duties with Jodie. This week’s blog finds me in a Costa near my home (the card points really sucker you in) … Continue reading

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Notes from Ipswich

Morning readers… I’m having a deeply unglamorous morning back at home… washing, admin, papershredding. My whistlestop tour in ‘Spamalot‘ has been interrupted for a week. Never mind. At least I might have time to pen a decent blog. My last … Continue reading

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Back to the land of the Pythons

Hi all Apologies for the lack of blog in the last week or so… time has flown with all the fun we’ve been having. We were in Cambridge two weeks ago… taking it back to the source where many years … Continue reading

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In Search of the Holy Brownies

This blog finds me dusting off the crumbs of the best brownie in the world… a souvenir from another wonderful week in Spamalotland. We were at the Swansea Grand Theatre, an intimate but proper old house of varieties with posters … Continue reading

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This blog strangely finds me in Manchester or Madchester as it is affectionately called. The week has been fairly insane too from the point of view that I was whisked into this reality like Cinders going to the ball. Last … Continue reading

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Alighting from Spamatour

Morning readers, My pilgrimage to the Holy Grail has come to a rest stop for two weeks after a wonderful first week in Southend. If you recall I had a hastily composed blog sent from my hotel room. Now I … Continue reading

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